New steel shielded connecting cables – thin, robust, resilient

The advantage of the new steel shielded cables is the very small diameter combined with high flexibility. In tight space conditions the air circulation is much better and due to the smooth surfaces of the cables there is no more „cable tangle“. In combination with the very small plugs, a high packing density can be achieved. Last but not least, the cables offer rodent protection.

These features make the cables ideal for home office, events, industrial environments, test rooms or simply as a chic accessory in a laptop bag.

Part number: CK-HD2MM-1.8SA

  • Steel armoured Slim High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet
  • both sides plug type A with small dimensions and full metal housing
  • Cable: AWG36 OD=4,0mm
    Jacket PVC+stainless steel SUS304
  • Suitable for 4K/60Hz transmission
  • Very flexible with high robustness
  • Available length: 1,8m

Part number: CK-PKC6AMM-xxSA

  • Patch cable CAT6A(low profile) steel-armoured with CAT6A RJ45 plug on both sides with small short cable sleeve
  • Plug with 50u“ gold plating
  • Snap-in lug protection, black grommet
  • 100% Channel Test
  • CAT6A (TIA) 10Gbit, 500MHz
  • Cable: 4x2xAWG32/7 Ultraflex
  • Inner conductor 100% CU
  • Jacket PVC+stainless steel SUS304
  • Available length: 0,15m / 0,25m / 0,5m / 1,0m / 2,0m


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