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Professional connection cables

Our media cables meet the highest standards of performance and audio- / video quality in the industry. In addition to high quality, we also rely on the security of your connections. To avoid image distortion and loss, we trust, while HDMI is becoming increasingly common in the industry, in a failure-proof „lock system“. This standard is used in more and more equipment manufacturers in the professional AV industry. Our HDMI cables meet, as well as all the design, the features of the HDMI organization. The construction, as well as the triple-shielded cable ensures a perfect transfer, even over long distances.

SLAC Super Low Attention Cable

The SLAC Logo stands out cables that have been made for the transmission of signals over long distances with the highest image quality. SLAC is a recognized brand name for image transmission with long cables.

SSAC Super Slim And Compact Cable

SSAC is a name for the total technologies HDMI adapters, which are suitable for their flat design especially for installation in cable ducts or other installation options.

Supra Lock

The supra Lock System provides the ability to plug jackets permanently onto terminals. The system is the first one that was accepted by HDMI Licensing LLC. The system has the same size as a standard connection and is thus backwards compatible.


RF block is a patented system that consists out of EMI/RFI shield. It offers increased insulation resistance and better transfer. In that it consists of a piece of the system reduces disturbances which impact negatively on the transmitted signal. Due to the special production method the ferrite core is not needed in cable, the cable can be laid better.

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