HDBaseT Extender


As a novelty in the range of SIGNAL MANAGEMENT we are proud to present you the Multi-Format HDBaseT Extender. A challenge for all system-integrators is the variety of the different signal connections at laptops or other portable devices in conference rooms. Therefor we could offer you a perfect solution – the Multi-Switch with HDMI and HDBaseT Output.

The device decrees a DisplayPort, a VGA and two HDMI Inputs, whereby one HDMI Input naturally can be used for DVI-D. For this reason all formats are covered. The signals can be switched by the device or serial with a media control system. The release ensures to a lokal HDMI output and also a standard HDBaseT. The structured cabeling can ensure inexpensive by CAT-Cable. Furthermore we offer you a HDBaseT Receiver, which converts the signal into HDMI again.

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Technical specs

  • DisplayPort Input
  • VGA Input
  • 2 HDMI Inputs
  • HDMI Output
  • HDBaseT Output
  • Serial control(RS232)
  • Infrared control via remote
  • Locale control via keys
  • Audio Embedding for VGA Input
  • Audio De-Embedding for HDMI Output
  • Works impeccable with EVN CONTROL components
  • Power supply unit included

Part number: EVBMC-1491L
Suitable receiver: EVBM-110R


Video Extender
Part number: EVA-02R

Video Extender VGA + Audio (Receiver) over CAT5/5e/6 max. 100m.
1 Input CAT5, 2 Outputs VGA.
Max. Resolution: 1280×1024

Video Extender VGA – Audio (Transmitter)
Part number: EVA-12L

Video Extender VGA + Audio (Transmitter) over CAT5/5e/6 max. 100m
1 Input VGA, 3 Output / 2 VGA, 1 CAT5.
Max. Resolution: 1280×1024

Video Extender VGA + Audio (Transmitter + Receiver)
Part number: EVA-ME20WW

Video Extender VGA + Audio
Transmitter Set (Transmitter + Receiver), UP Montage over CAT5/5e/6 max. 100m.
Max. Resolution: 1280×1024

Transmitter 4 x VGA + Audio
Part number: ERVA-124L

Transmitter 4 x VGA + Audio
CAT5/5e/6 max. 100m, max. Resolution: FullHD.

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