Media-Control simple and efficient

In the area of media control technology, we rely on a proprietary development from our company, the snapControl. The purpose of this simple and inexpensive media control is to implement simple applications in the area of media technology with little effort. For this purpose, snapControl offers connectivity in all common transmission formats such as RS232 or TPC/IP.

The configuration is done easily and conveniently via the web browser. In addition to communication interfaces, the snapControl has eight RJ12 connectors which are designed for push buttons with LED feedback. As an accessory, we offer also various 4-way push button modules in the formats 45×45, 55×55, Bachmann custom modules, Keystone push buttons, etc. with RJ12 interface. Don’t hesitate to contact our advisory team for a personal interview.

Technical specs

  • RJ45 connector with 10BASE-T TCP/IP connectivity
  • 4 bidirektional RS232 port
  • 8 RJ12 for push buttons with LED feedback
  • 35 custom ASCII or HEX commands configurable
  • Wait times
  • Counter function
  • Module for volume-control
  • Extendable with snapNet
  • Control and integration in superior systems via TCP/IP
  • Simple configuration via web browser
  • Works perfect with EVN SIGNAL MANAGEMENT components
  • 12V, 2A AC adaptor is included.
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