Electronic Component Distribution

We offer you the whole world of electronic components, independent, service-oriented, individual. We offer you a wide stock on active, passive and electromechanical components.
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Media Technology Products

EVN distributes, develops and produces customer-specific products for professional meda and electrical installation. Easy handling, functional and high quality without compromise.
That’s our aspiration!

Our Distribution – Partners – EVN electronic components GmbH – Your Electronic Distributor in Germany
+++ AS Components co. Ltd, Coconn, Conec, Degson Electronics, Diptronics, ept connectors, Kingbright, Mentor Bauelemente, MetzConnect, Samxon, SommerCable, Suntan, Technical Crystal Ltd., WCON, Wortmann / Terra +++

+++ Bachmann Elektrotechnik GmbH, Electraplan Solutions, MetzConnect, Rextron, SommerCable, Total Technologies, EVN in-house-products+++

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