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EVN components GmbH
01.10.1992 Founding of the „Elektronik Vertrieb Neckar GbR“ as a service provider and merchandiser for electronic components.
Since 1993 First contacts in Asia and the first franchise distributions.
01.01.2002 Out of the „Elektronik Vertrieb Neckar GbR“ and the C.O.M. GbR the „EVN electronic components GmbH“ was founded. At the same time the company moved the headquarter to Göppingen.
2003 Implementation: New ERP-System.
2005 First OEM Products for media applications.
2014/15 Expansion: ERP-System with WebShop.


Founded as a service provider for material procurement in the section of electronic components the first thing to care about was the service around the products. That’s the reason why EVN offers you today a mixture out of component-distribution and customized products
with focus on the electromechanics. One of the main objectives is to provide customers with innovative products to ensure sustainable success. A fair and trusting relationship with our employees and work in a motivated team are important to us. Sustainability in the selection and delivery of products is an essential principle of our corporate philosophy.

ISO 9001:2015


  • Distribution of standardized electronic components complemented by customer-specific products and services
  • Specification, construction and development out of one source
  • Cooperation within a network of specialized companies
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