Innovative 2/4 gang wall box!

Universal fitted, the perfect solution behind your display!

Easy installation!

The perfect installation solution for cabeling your display. According to the housing, you could integrate up to 10 connecting units (22,5×45), respectively multimedia modules.

Measures: 285 x 142 x 50mm

This connector socket makes the grade to a modern and multifunctional Data- Media- and Energy Installation. Invisible obstructured behind your display with sufficient space for a HDBaseT Receiver, Extender, an Apple TV and much more. No more tangled wires!


Easy installation caused by the snap in montage. Sufficient space for connecting of the multimedia modules.

Measures: 142 x 142 x 50mm

Countless number of connectivity options e.g. HDMI + DisplayPort, DVI + VGA …



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