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EVN offers the full range of SIGNAL MANAGEMENT components

  • Presentation Switcher
  • Video Matrix
  • Video Switcher
  • HDBaseT extender, transmitter and receiver
  • Video Converter
  • KVM devices

  • Also check out for more interesting products.

5Play HDBaseT – The solution for media cabling

  • 2K Full HD, 4K UHD, 3D video-contents
  • All common audio formats
  • Control signals: CEC, RS-232, USB, infrared, IP
  • 10/100 Mbit ethernet (100 BASE-T)
  • Power supply up to 100 W

Also check out our corresponding CONNECT and CABLE SOLUTION products to fulfill all requirements for perfect 5Play HDBaseT wiring.

Products, which also may be interesting for you:

  • VSVA-ED801MX Video Switch VGA + Audio 8 Inputs, 1 Output
  • VSMA-104 Video Splitter HDMI
  • 1 Input, 4 Outputs
  • VKSMA-104 Video Splitter HDMI (UHD)
  • 1 Input, 4 Outputs
  • VSVA-104 Video Splitter VGA 1 Input, 4 Outputs
  • XM-G0402 HDMI Matrix 2 Inputs, 4 Outputs
  • XVA-B404 VGA Matrix 4 Inputs, 4 Outputs
  • VCAVM-021 VGA + Audio to HDMI converter
  • VSAVM-021 HDMI / VGA + Audio to HDMI conv.
  • VCAMM-012 HDMI Audio Deembedder
  • VCAMM-021 HDMI Audio Embedder
  • VCAMV-012 HDMI to VGA + Audio converter
  • DCSHR-012 DC Sharer for 12V
  • DCSHR-005 DC Sharer for 5V



Product Updates HDBaseT


EVBM-M107 Set 70 m
EVBM-107L Trans. 70 m
EVBM-107R Recv. 70 m
EVBM-110L Trans. 100 m
EVBM-110R Recv. 100 m

HDBaseT Transmitter + Receiver, supports HDMI/Full-
HD/3D up to 70m/100m over CAT-cable, Phantom power for second side, HDCP compliant


EVBMN-M110 Set 100 m
EVBMN-110R Recv. 100 m

5Play HDBaseT Transmitter / Receiver, Supports HDMI /
Full-HD/3D up to 100m over CAT-cablel, HDMI + RS232 +
IR + TCP/IP + Phantom-Power, HDCP compliant
Resolutions up to 4K UHD 3840 x 2160



HDBaseT Transmitter Input 2x HDMI (max. UHD 3840×2160),
1xVGA+Audio (max. 1920×1080), Output HDMI-Local + HDBaseT over RJ45, up to 70m length



HDBaseT Transmitter Input 2x HDMI (max. UHD 3840×2160),
1xVGA+Audio (max. 1920×1080), Output HDMI-Local +
HDBaseT over RJ45, up to 100m length.
Additional serial control over HDBaseT with injector adaptor possible.

EVBMC-1471LA 70 m
EVBMC-1491LA 100 m

HDBaseT Transmitter Input 2x HDMI, 1xDisplayPort, 1xVGA+
Audio, Output RJ45, Full-HD/3D, RS232 control. Additional serial control over HDBaseT with injector adaptor possible. (Adaptor not included)




HDBaseT Transmitter Input 2x HDMI, 1xDisplayPort, 1xVGA+ Audio, Output RJ45, max.70m Full-HD/3D

Product Updates Video Switch


Video Switch HDMI + Audio, 4 Input, 1 Output, Full-HD/1080P, HDCP, serial control,
including fastening bracket, Power Supply, IR-Controller and serial cable


Video Switch DisplayPort+Audio, 4 Input, 1 Output, Resolution 2560×1400, serial control, inculuding fastening bracket, Power Supply, IR-Controller and serial cable


Video Switch VGA + Audio, 4 Input, 1 Output, serial control, EDID Function, Resolution max. 1920×1440, compatible with most screen resolutions, including IR-Control, Power Supply and serial cable

Product Updates Video Switch / Matrix



Video Switch Input 2x HDMI (max. UHD 3840×2160), 1xVGA+Audio (max. 1920×1080), output HDMI, serial control



Video Switch Input 2x HDMI (max. UHD 3840×2160), 1x DisplayPort, 1xVGA+Audio (max. 1920×1080), output HDMI, serial control



3D HDMI Video Matrix, 4 Input, 4 Output, Full-HD 1080P, control by serial/IR, GUI/Pushbutton, Metalcase 220x100x34mm, EDID Copy and EDID Emulation




Send HDMI and 4 USB signal to multimedia display over CAT5e/6/7 cable. Transmit full uncompressed HD video and audio over cable. Low cost standard CAT5e/6/7 LAN cable HDTV, 3D HDTV compatible
HDCP compliant. Support Phantom Power, single power supply at either one end of two units (Tx & Rx)
Bi-directional IR control USB Port is compatible for most of popular USB devices. Support for 1080p 60, Deep Color, HD-3D, 4Kx2K video, HD Audio Formats and Audio Return Channel. Compatible with most of the popular screen resolution 100BaseT Ethernet Pass-Thru; simultaneously distribute HDMI and Ethernet streaming video from source to display

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