New in our range – One27

1,27 mm SMT für Board-to-Board-Appilactions

Kein Folientitel


Advantages of One27 Male Connectors

• coplanarity
→ soldering under controlled process conditions

• anti-twist safeguard
→ for correct connection of male and female connector

• insertion chamfer
→ for compensation of misalignment and angular inclination

• positioning pins
→ optimal processing through precise positioning

• solder meniscus
→ guarantees a robust surface mount connection

• boardlock
→ absorbs mechanical stress and zensures areliable connection to the PCB

Andvantages One27 Female Connectors

• smooth surface
→ secure contact mating on the rolled, homogeneous surface

• spring contacts
→ for secure and reliable contact mating

• wipe length
→ reliability through high tolerance compensation

• AOI -control
→ optimized contact design for automated testing after soldering


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