Electronic components distribution

We offer you the whole world of electronic components, independent, service-oriented, individual and a wide stock on active, passive and electromechanical components. We complete the advantages of a free components distribution by different contract distribution lines.

As a service oriented provider your wishes are our standard.


We support you with

  • independent parts distribution through an extensive warehouse of popular products at attractive prices
  • producer related and prize optimized offers
  • the delivery of complete components parts lists
  • more then 10.000 products on stock
  • Optimisation of profitability through alternative offers
  • Safety of delivery through our wide stock on components and searching for second source products
  • Bauteilekitting, supplying complete components parts lists to your liking, all costs concentrated on one source
  • Global sourcing for material scarcity (only genuine- no “broker”-goods)
  • Assistance in product selection, design in
  • On your request, selection, editing and programming of components
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