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Tantalum capacitors, ceramic capacitors (axial and radial), suppressor, Film capacitors,  potentiometer.


Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors Types Axial Type, SMD Type, Radial Type, Snap-In Type, Screw Type, Lug Type, Polymer Solid.
Trimming Potentiometers Types TSR-3006, TSR-3323, TSR-3296, TSR-3361, TSR-3362, TSR-3386, TSR-3329, TSR-3266, TSR-065, TSR-3590, TSR-105H, TSR-65M, TSR-625, TSR-633, TSR-655, TSR-805, TSR-825, TSR-855, TSR-3540,3541, TSR-C3305, TSR-3318
Switch Type TSS-TC-0010, TSS-TC-12EA, TSS-TC-12ET, TSS-TC-0102, TSS-TC-0112, TSS-TC-0120, TSS-TC-120V, TSS-TC-0202, TSS-TC-0302, TSS-TC-0402, TSS-TC-1102, TSS-TC-1193, TSS-TC-1194, TSS-TC-24017
Gold Capacitors Type TS12, TS12S-M, TS12S-R, TS12S-S, TS12S-V
Ceramic Capacitors Type TS15, TS16, TS16M, TS17, TS18, TS18H
Tantalum Capacitors Type TS19, TS20
Safety Capacitors Type TS22
Mica Capacitors Type TS23
Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors Type TSC3S, TSC3, TSC5, TSC6, TSC7
Varistor Type Dipped varistor
Rectifier & Diode Type SMD Rectifier, LL4148
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