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Optoelectronic devices and fiber optics, switches and buttons (SMD and Standard), front panel mounting elements, sensors, chassis and cabinet accessories, turning and control buttons.


Fiber-optic systems, SMD LEDs, LED’s THT

Fiber optic light guides for front panels lying, Multi-fiber horizontal bar graph displays, lying, Multiple fiber optic ladder standing upright, Light Flexible Fiber Optic Standing, SMD TOP LED’s, M-TUBE

FEL and standard elements LEDs

Front panel and accessories, Systems Switch SMD SMD bridge, fuse holder, Test sockets, SMD LED display systems, M-PIPE RoHS compliant, surface, symbol illumination system, LEDs, LED Tester for THT and SMD LEDs

Opto-Electronic Components

LED indicator lights and signal systems sensors, frames, reflector Accessories

TST-FEL and standard elements

Front panels and mounting accessories, TST switch systems, Systems LED indicator and fuse holder potentiometer terminals and connectors, 7-segment display

Housing and Cabinet Accessories

Plastic handles, handles aluminum and stainless steel, handles dishes, folding and carrying handles, carrying handle Accessories

Plastic-/Metall-Buttons – Mechanical Components

Digital and analog knobs, Plastic knobs knob, pointer and control buttons, aluminum knobs, aluminum toggle buttons and pointer Accessories

Keyboard Components and Accessories

Key caps with full illumination, key caps with individual full-time and point illumination, ram with spot lights, SMD pressure sensor, light fields, Custom Solutions, SMD TOPLED’s, SMD CHIPLED’s, Transmitter / Capacitive touch keypad, fiber optics for stand-alone displays, key caps and light fields for individual port identification

Light variations

The unique M-TUBE LED lighting systems combine progress and modernity: Low power consumption and extremely long service life without the costly maintenance and minimal heat generation allow use in almost every field of activity.

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