Diptronics Dip-Schalter, Kodierschalter, Drucktaster.



Illuminated Switch Varianten ML6, TL(L)A-7, TL(L)-6, KTL, TML-3
DIP Switch Varianten DHNF, DHN, DHA, HDS, EM(R), EI(R), ES(R), EJ(R), DM(R), DJ(R), DL(R), NPI, NPM, NDI(R), DS(R), DP(L), DA, SIP, TII(R), TIM(R), TDS
Rotary Coded Switch Varianten SV, RH, RV, RM, RS, RJ, R7
Slide Switch Varianten SD12, SE14, SSS, LSS, SS3, SS4, MSS3, MSS4, MSS&, MSS14, S2S, SC12P, ZSS, NSS
Detector Switch Varianten ELH, DTE, FTE, TE-MR, TE, ATE, BTE, CTE, TU
Multi Function Switch Varianten M2A, M2B, M2C, M2D, M2P, MSP14, PL3, PL, MT4, MT5, SRM, TT5, ZRE
LED Lamp Varianten 1ATF-BL, 1ATF-BN, 2BTF-BN, 2CTF-BN
Tact Switch Varianten DTS(A)-2, DTSM-2, DTSG(P)-2, KTSC-2, TA3, TA(S)-6, DTS-6, DTSA(G)-6, DTSM(G)-6, DTSU-6, DTST-6, KTSC-6, DTS()W-2, DTS(G)MW-6, DTSHW-6, DTSJW-6, TA4 &TH4, DTSYH-6, DTS(G)ZM(P)-6, DTS(G)L-6, DTS(G)F-6, T3A, T3B, T4B, TJ-4, TMG-5, TJG-5, LTL-6, TCE, TAC-3, TA(N)2-3, TCF, TAF, 1188, DTS-3, DTSM(L)-3, TAE, TMG/TJG-325, IPT, MPT, PT(C)L, PT(C)F, MTA
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