AS Components
co. Ltd.

IC-Sockel, PLCC-Sockel (Standard und SMD), Steckverbinder D-Sub-, DIN 41651-, USB-, Centronics- Steckverbinder PCB-PCB, PCB-Kabel, Stift- und Buchsenleisten, Jumper, Steckergehäuse, Kabelkonfektion, Computerkabel.


Mini-Din-Jack Varianten 03/03, 04/04, 05/05, 06/06, 07/07, 08/08, 09/09
D-Sub-Hoods Varianten M/M, F/M, M/F, F/F, 9/15/25/37, V-Type, U-Type, R/A-Type
Power Connector
DIN 41612 Varianten 8, 16, 32, 48, 64, 96
D-Sub-Connectors Varianten R/A D-Sub(09/15/25/37), HDD R/A D-Sub(15/26/44/63/78),
R/A Dual Port(0909/1515/2525/37/37), HD15F/HD15F, HD15F/00,
Vertical D-Sub(09/15/25/37), Hgih Density D-Sub Vertical(15/26/44/62/78)
Socket and Headers Varianten DIP Plug(8-64pol), PLCC(20-84pol), IDC Socket(20-84pol), IDC Socket(06-64pol),
Mini Jumper(02: 2Pin; 04-20: Junction), Shrounded Latch Header(10-64pol),
PB:PIN-, BOX-, FEMALE-Header(02-80pol)
Mini Gender-Changer Varianten 9, 15, 25, 37, 50
Cable Assembly Varianten A+B Type, A+A Type, B+B Type
Ferrite Beads and Coil Varianten CB, RH, TC
Dip Switch
SCSI II III / IEEE1394, USB Varianten 1.27mm SCSIII D-Type P.C.B., 1.27mm SCSIII D-Type I.D.C., 1.27mm SCSIII
Ribbon Type P.C.B., 1.27mm SCSIII Ribbon Type P.C.B. Straddled Mount,
USB A Type Female, USB Connector A Type Male & Crimp Tail, USB A Type
Female Double Deck, USB Connector B Type, USB Connector B Type Male
Solder Tail, USB Connector A Type Female SMD Type, USB Connector A
Type Female, IEEE1394 Female SMD Type
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